Datacenters 301


PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)

3 phase power

Note you can’t use a wire clamp to measure a 3-phase power cable, you need to measure each phase by itself.

DC power

48V (telco land, NEBS standard) and other versions that are being tried, (12, 24V). Grounding requirements, power bars. Devices often have different plugs. Most of the time still using A+B circuits Reduced conversions == Reduced losses. Amplified by most larger servers (i.e. HP C7000, SuperDome) using 48V internally. Even more interesting with large UPS banks since those also use 48V.

Increasing cooling efficiency


Hot aisle / cold aisle design fundamentals

Hot aisle / cold aisle containment


Design Options

Raised floor (18in & 36in)