Labs exercises

Bare-Metal Provisioning 101

Install CentOS by hand

Install the same node using kickstart

Bare-Metal Provisioning 201

Setup a basic cobbler server

Build a profile

Kickstart a node

Change the profile, re-kickstart the node

Cloud Provisioning 101

Setup a free-tier account with AWS

Spawn a Linux node from the AWS Console

Cloud Provisioning 201

Spawn a Linux node using the AWS API

Attach an Elastic IP and EBS to it

Database 101

Install and start up MySQL

Create basic relational database / tables, using a variety of field types

Grant and revoke privileges

Install Riak

Write (or provide, probably depends on where this fits in relation to scripting tutorial?) basic tool to insert and retrieve some data.

Database 201

Spawn up second VM/MySQL install

Set up Master->Slave replication

Deliberately break and then fix replication

Set up Master<->Master replication

Introduction to percona toolkit

Set up Riak Cluster, modify the tool from 101 to demonstrate replication.

Database 301

Galera cluster

  • Introduction to variables and their meaning. Tuning MySQL configuration (use as a launch point?), pros and cons of various options.
  • Introducing EXPLAIN and how to analyse and improve queries and schema.
  • Backup options, mysqldump, LVM Snapshotting, Xtrabackup.

Automation 101

Do you need it? How much and why?

  • Talk basic theory and approach in terms of Idempotency and Convergence.
  • Write a bash script to install something as idempotently as possible.
  • Discuss Chef and Puppet and while reflecting on the bash script.

Automation - Chef 201

Setup an Opscode account

Setup your workstation as a client to your Opscode account

Download the build-essential cookbook, and apply it to your workstation

Automation - Chef 301

Setup a chef-repo

Write your own cookbook

Automation - Chef 302

Setup your own Chef Server

Write your own resources/providers

Write sanity tests for your code

Automation - Puppet 201

Install Puppet

Install a Forge module using the module tool

Apply it to your local machine

Automation - Puppet 301

Install Puppet

Create your own module

Apply it to your local machine

Package Management 101

Setup a basic YUM or APT repository and put some packages in it

Setup a local mirror of CentOS (or what have you)

Setup a client to install from it

Package Management 201

Build a simple RPM or deb


Build automation fleets



Version Control with Git 101

Open a GitHub account

Create a new repository called ‘scripts’

Place a useful shell script in it

Commit and push

Make a change, commit and push

Create a branch, make a change, commit, and push

Create a pull request and merge the branch into the master branch

  • Read Chapters 1-3 of the Pro Git book online
  • Work through Code School’s Try Git online

DNS 101

Install Bind

Configure one zone

Show DNS resolution for an A and a CNAME record in the configured zone

HTTP 101

Install Apache

Configure a virtual host

Display a simple web page