Reading List

This is a list of additional material should you wish to dive deeper on particular topics.

Book Author (last name) Description
Network Warrior Donahue Picks up where CCNA leaves off. Lots of real-world networking advice.
DNS & BIND Liu & Albitz One of the best books available on DNS
The Practice of System and Network Administration Limoncelli Focused more on the traditional IT role, but plenty for modern sysadmins to learn
The Practice of Cloud System Administration Limoncelli Focused on modern system administration and devops-y/cloud-y topics
Time Management for System Administrators Limoncelli Learn how to better manage your time. A classic book.
Web Operations Allspaw Full of lots of practical advice on web operations. Limoncelli’s Cloud System Administration is kind of like an updated and more in-depth version of this.
Release It! Nygard Focused more on the developer side of of application design/deployment, but sysadmins will learn a lot from this book.
UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook Nemeth, et el A classic book on UNIX/Linux system administration. Does not cover modern tooling/practices, but rather more in-depth teaching of Linux/UNIX operating systems
The Phoenix Project Kim A parable about DevOps, that does a great job explaining what DevOps is all about.
Continuous Delivery Humble & Farley Discusses continuous delivery practices, anti-patterns, and solutions. One of the few books that brings together many related topics (CM, VCS, etc) into a cohesive idea of continuous delivery.